10 million Africans enter the job market every year.

And with an estimated 22% of its working-age population starting businesses, Africa is the most entrepreneurial continent in the world.
Africa is also the continent where digital transformation is the fastest.

Our engagement:

Our engagement:

Digital Africa has understood the need to support startups at a critical moment in their existence, in the ideation phase, when the pressure of lack of funding prevents any development, despite the quality of the projects. Fuzé is a €6.5 million facility that invests in ideation and MVP-stage startups founded by African entrepreneurs. It is fully owned by Digital Africa and aims to address the lack of seed funding in Francophone Africa.

A Unique Model:

With its model of investing two successive tickets in the startup according to the stage of development and focusing on a specific stage that is underserved / underfunded in Africa, Fuzé is today a unique model on the continent.

A Unique Model:

A propos de Digital Africa About Digital Africa

Notre Mission

Digital Africa's mission is to strengthen the capacity of African entrepreneurs to design and deploy digital innovations on a large scale to serve the real economy. Acting as a catalyst, Digital Africa brings together a group of partners of all nationalities - startups, researchers, incubators, institutional financiers, venture capitalists, cluster techs - committed to African digital entrepreneurs, with Proparco at the forefront as sole partner.

Our approach is based on a clear diagnosis of the needs of entrepreneurs, directly from the field, to develop a set of programs around three main areas:

  • Strengthening the skills of digital startups in seed stage on the continent, through team training and access to local talent trained in the startup business
  • Facilitating access to financing adapted to the seed stage through the implementation of agile financing mechanisms as well as the animation of investor communities

Supporting 'made in Africa' innovation policies that are favorable to digital entrepreneurs innovating in Africa

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