Startup Portfolio

Fuzé has proudly invested in 26 startups since its launch in October 2022. See our portfolio of Tech champions tackling the major challenges facing French-speaking Africa.


Koree is a mobile application that helps African consumers collect their change in a diversified wallet and increase their purchasing power through cashback.


Fatala accompagne les entreprises européennes et africaines dans leur transformation digitale, en s'appuyant principalement sur des compétences basées en Afrique.


A platform that is revolutionizing the world of travel, designed to enable content creators to monetize their passion while connecting their communities to authentic experiences around the globe. Wantotrip also offers travelers the opportunity to monetize their passion, enriching their travel experience.

Konnect Networks

Konnect Networks is a pioneer in the payment industry in Tunisia. Konnect Networks helps businesses of all sizes to evolve and grow using a variety of payment methods. With the help of a clear and simple payment solution, Konnect Networks can offer multiple payment methods in a simple and intuitive way.


Seabex designs intelligent precision farming solutions that enable farmers to improve crop yields using standard and specific models.

Data Tyr co.

Data Tyr is building an intelligent Data Fabric specifically for the pharmaceutical industry


Online music sales, streaming and promotion platform for African music and independent artists.


Makifaa is an African media bank offering high-quality, authentic images, videos and illustrations for content creators, advertising agencies and the media.


Impact marketplace that empowers African entrepreneurs and artisans by enabling them to sell their products online in both national and international markets.


ProBoutik is a platform for and invoice management for merchants and SMEs in Africa.


Mynk is a peer-to-peer payment application. Mynk is the first application in Morocco that lets you transfer money free of charge using a telephone number.


The pan-African marketplace that enables creators to sell video games, books and comics throughout Africa without intermediaries.


B2B e-commerce platform for Made in Africa products. Its aim is to be the leading African B2B e-commerce platform that redefines the way African products are perceived and the way African buyers and sellers interact with each other and with the rest of the world.


AfterMarket reinvents agriculture in Côte d'Ivoire with an innovative, digital approach. AfterMarket's solution is a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, it introduces precision agriculture to improve productivity and income for women farmers. On the other, it digitizes the supply chain, optimizing purchasing, storage and customer management processes.

E-Santé Cameroun

Clinic Home is revolutionizing healthcare in Cameroon with an innovative virtual hospital offering a full range of medical services at home. Through its application, users can access medical consultations, nursing care, laboratory sampling and drug delivery, as well as solutions such as telemedicine and family medicine.

AfriWell Health

AfriWell Health is the creator of a healthcare platform designed to quickly and efficiently connect patients with their healthcare professionals.


Smartprof is an Edtech startup based in North Africa, offering a new, differentiated learning experience.


Tolbi is a pan-African climate-Agtech that uses satellite imagery and AI for precision agriculture and a marketplace for the estimation and sale of carbon credits on the voluntary market.


Valorigo has developed an online marketplace to transform the accessibility of healthcare products in DRC by providing consumers with a user-friendly tool to access and compare healthcare products in local pharmacies, while helping pharmacies increase their sales and visibility.


PaySika is a financial technology startup developing mobile and web-based banking solutions for French-speaking African countries.


We design, develop and market a therapeutic evaluation and rehabilitation platform for patients with functional, neurological and/or cognitive disabilities.


A SaaS-based business-to-business (B2B) platform to facilitate trade between African SME producers and European retailers.


REasy is a start-up specializing in the cross-border sector, which aims to support African SMEs in their payment processes to suppliers and partners around the world.


Moneco is revolutionizing banking services for Africans, offering EURO accounts in France accessible with just a passport, international VISA cards, bank transfers and transfers to Africa (available soon).


MonSapo is a GreenTech company offering ecological and eco-responsible cleaning products. It is based on the circular economy and waste recovery, and is aimed at both private individuals and professionals.


Neolean is a start-up offering innovative solutions in the EdTech field. Its all-in-one digital solution,, addresses the problems of training, certification and professional integration in emerging countries.